Attractions of Port Canaveral during vacations this year


In cruise language, Port Canaveral is known as a “turnaround” port. In a traditional cruise port, you might have only a few hours to explore, but at a turnaround port you can easily extend your vacation with a pre- or post-cruise stay. Port Canaveral is a home to several cruise ships, such as the Disney cruise lines and the Carnival dream. Here we can show you the top most Attractions of Port Canaveral during vacations this year.

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Top 5 Attractions of Port Canaveral During vacations

1. Jetty Park
The Jetty park is located inside Port Canaveral, where you can walk all the way to the Jetty were local fisherman try their luck. A perfect spot, offering lots of reasons for a vacation in Port Canaveral.  Spectacular views of fishing boats and cruise ships. Somedays you might be able to see manatees and or dolphins swiming. The best spot to see Shuttle/Rocket launches.

2. Disney Cruise
Port Canaveral is home to a Cruise Port for several different cruise lines that makes a perfect example of a must visit in Port Canaveral during vacations. It takes only about 55 minutes to get from Orlando to Port Canaveral by car. There would be many transportation service providers as well offering services to take you there. Go to Port Canaveral Shuttle service to get a free Online quote.

3. Mini- Golf Funntasia
Funntasia Minigolf in Cape Canaveral is an excellent source of attraction of Port Canaveral during vacations. One of the nicest courses you would play on. It has two 18 hole courses. Waterfalls a cave and lot’s of native species running around. The staff there is a super nice and willing to go out of their way to suggest and find info for other local activities so you won’t be facing any trouble finding a direction where to go :)

4. The Pool
The pool on the Sovereign of the Seas is small but very nice. One section is for kids and the other is for over 18. So, there will be no limit for age to get attract by this beautiful spot and to make a decision coming back again to see Port Canaveral during vacations.. There are two jacuzzis at withe end of the pool. A must watch for every age group. The pool during the day is pretty packed so make sure to reserve a chair early.

5. The Cove
The Cove in Port Canaveral is a waterfront destination for tourists and locals alike. You will be forced by yourself to say is a must go to Port Canaveral during vacations. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, Charter boats, Shops, attractions, and live entertainment. You can even buy your own seafood here and take home. Another special feature of the Cove in Port Canaveral is it’s close to Kennedy Space center. Come to see the world class view of any space launch.

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So, this is how we represent Florida’s beauty including Port Canaveral out of many. It really deserves a must chance to visit to get the most part of excitement. Good day!


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