Best places to visit in Port Canaveral with family


Port Canaveral is a customer-friendly gateway to essential consumer markets and relaxation destinations. Strategically placed on the east coast of central Florida. Whether you are thinking a day trip from Orlando or a more extended holiday, Cape Canaveral, FL, is a famous weekend destination, home to the Kennedy Space Center, excellent beaches and an array of things to do. Enjoy the view from Exploration Tower, visit the Air Force Space and Missile Museum and walk through Manatee Sanctuary Park. In Port Canaveral, there are numerous activities to pick from, including surfing lessons, mini golf, Segway, dolphin, cruises, Segway, and brewery tours.


Get to know about best places to visit in Port Canaveral

Kennedy Space Center

No trip to Cape Canaveral would be perfect without a visit to the famed Kennedy Space Center, which has something for everyone. Possibly the biggest draw is that visitors can observe an actual live launch of a space rocket at the center, as well as trip their museum that emphasizes everything from astronauts’ suits to pieces of real moon rock. You can also see the excellent Atlantis shuttle, as well as various other rockets and memorabilia mapping the history of space exploration from the past to the present. Make sure to have a look at their space workshop to find a fitting souvenir before you leave.

Jetty Park

If you want to spend the time exploring over thirty-five acres of green parklands, then look no further than Jetty Park. There is a charming beach that sprawls over four acres and has all the essential facilities for enjoying any fun in the sun such as deck chairs and beach sunshades. If you would favor spending the day fishing, then there is a dedicated pier that stretches into the sea, allowing for an unrivaled angling experience. There is also a playground for small ones to enjoy and even pavilions for rent that are excellent for larger gatherings or group picnics amidst the beautiful landscape of Jetty Park.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, Cape Canaveral, Florida

The first tower was erected some 150 years ago to warn mariners of the critical areas along the coast. Unfortunately, the first lighthouse, which was only 60 feet tall, was not tall just. The next one was too near to the beach and had to be moved, which was not a simple task in terrain full of marshes and lowlands. Finally, after ten months of reconstructing, the new lighthouse was relit in 1894 in the area where it stands today. The new tower is built of iron plates that are bolted together and wrapped with two layers of block. The entire lighthouse is 151 feet high, and it sends a beacon of light 22 nautical miles towards the sea. While the beam is a prominent tourist attraction, and visitors can ascend to the fifth level of the tower. Its primary role of guiding sailors remains its most important job.

Exploration Tower, Cape Canaveral, Florida

A superior landmark in Cape Canaveral, Exploration Tower welcomes visitors to learn all about the cultural, historical, and plants and animals of the area. It has seven floors. The tower has numerous research decks for visitors to take in the magnificent views over Cape Canaveral, as well as presentations that concentrate on giving you a hands-on experience through interactive play. There are film sections and photographic galleries, and you can also manage a pragmatic boat or observe a space rocket launch from the nearby Kennedy Space Center. If you feel hungry after a day touring the tower, there is a cafe on site as well as a gift shop.

U.S. Air Force Space & Missile Museum

If you need to learn all about the history of rocket and space flight, then you want to look no further than the Air Force Space and Missile Museum. This museum is open for people in the 1960s, the museum is jammed full of exhibits dating from the beginning days of space flight until the present, some of which include rockets, missiles, satellites, and historical displays that chart vital moments in the history of space research such as favorite female astronauts and previous unmanned missions. The museum is not only an indoor venue, and there is even a rocket garden for visitors to wander through and witness left rockets, launch pads, and control towers.

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