Five best reviews about Dinosaur Store in Cape Canaveral


Dinosaur Store in Cape Canaveral

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Laura Humbert says:

Go to the museum! It recently opened after 8 years of work. It has 2 story (floor to ceiling) trees and intricate rock work; a very realistic setting. Plan on spending at least 2 hours. There is so much to see that you can get lost on the dinosaur floor. They had many dinos I had never even heard of. And getting to see a replica of King Tut’s tomb with all 4 chambers AND all of the contents…amazing!

Brittain Conner says:

So amazing and so much fun! Only Dino store I’ve ever been to, but my kiddos and I were not disappointed! We took pictures! Gently touched the specimens, so nice to not have staff hover and yell every second. So appreciated! Kid friendly which I loved! Will continue to visit every time we pass through Cocoa Beach! Go and love it for yourself!

Shana York says:

Well placed Dinosaur Museum, my first time ever going. Free to get in, the prices are decent. I’d go again just too buy more things for entertainment! They do parties also!

L Tolley says:

The staff was very nice! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The store was very interesting as well. A little pricey but we live here, so I imagine because of the tourists. Really nice place though. Definable worth a look!!

N. Bid says:

When I first moved to Florida, I was searching for anything related to natural history. This store just opened a quaint, yet wonderful natural history museum on its two upper floors. One floor was dedicated to dinosaurs, fossils and even a small exhibit on evolution. The third floor had a lot of natural history, including an ancient Egypt, ancient China and Mesoamerica.

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