Five helpful reviews about Naples Zoo of Florida


Naples is a beautiful city located on the West of Florida. There are many places here in Florida, worth visiting, but Naples Zoo is an ideal place for family outing and vacation. All kinds of animals are brought here from all around the world to entertain masses. You can ride of Giraffes, Camels, and Horses. You can also feed monkeys, Giraffes and many other animals under the supervision of the Zoo staff. If you are in the area then you must take your children to this zoo. It will be the most educational trip for their young minds and they will learn to respect the Mother Nature and its beauty. If you need ground transportation then My Florida Shuttle Bus could be an ideal option. In this blog you will read five helpful reviews about Naples Zoo of Florida.

Reviews about Naples Zoo

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booth2bay from Naples, Florida says:
This is a great Naples treat for both residents and visitors alike. We visit the Naples Zoo
every year by ourselves. And when we have guests visiting, we take them here as well
because they end up enjoying the wonderful variety of animals and the large trees and
plush landscaping throughout the area. You can spend the better part of a day walking
around all the different Zoo areas and observe the different animals. Plus, there are
shows, boat rides, animal rides and presentations by staff members.
nak43 from Bonita Springs, Florida says:
The Naples Zoo is gorgeous! It is clean, inviting, educational and well planned for visitor comfort. My only concern is for those pushing wheelchairs. It can be a hard push, but worth it for everyone! One has the opportunity to purchase professional photos of special activities like feeding the giraffes, but no pressure! You’ll enjoy every exhibit! Have fun!
Rose C from West Chester, Pennsylvania says:
This is a smaller zoo with a limited variety of species but what they do have are exhibited very well. Liked taking the boat past the lemur and gibbon islands. Especially liked that the bird exhibit was really a bird sanctuary where wild birds could come and go and nest there. Got to hear the alligator talk which was fascinating. The zoo has a few somewhat more unusual animals, like an anteater and honey badgers. It is well worth a couple hours to visit.
pammylou from Liverpool England says:
Lovely little zoo. You can do it in just a few hours. Great cruise to see the monkeys and a chance to feed the giraffes, which I did and was totally in awe of these beautiful animals. The show was also very informative and interesting for all ages. The sloth was particularly cute.
Charlene K says:
We visited as a family. It was a rather warm day but the walk ways provide shady options. There is lots to see at the Naples Zoo for it being on the small side compared to other big city zoo’s. Both older and younger kids can enjoy pretty much every exhibit. The workers were nice, helpful and were able to provide lots of information.

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