Five helpful tips about Brevard Zoo Melbourne Florida


Melbourne is a beautiful city that offers many family places to explore. Brevard Zoo located in Melbourne, Florida is the best option for a family visit. Zoo is very well maintained and the staff is very nice. When you will visit this place, you will feel like you are walking through a jungle. Because the animals are given a jungle like natural environment. In this blog you will read five helpful tips about Brevard Zoo Melbourne, Florida.

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Helpful tips about Brevard Zoo Melbourne

prattism says:

What a terrific little zoo! Is it the San Diego/Ft. Worth/Bronx/National Zoo? No, but it doesn’t try to be. It’s beautifully maintained, with the animals close at hand in natural settings. The kids love feeding the giraffes and seeing the Rhinos up close. Feeding the birds is another inexpensive treat. It’s large enough to spend most of a day, without exhausting yourself.

Jessica Dufresne says:

I am thoroughly amazed by this zoo. Walking through what felt like a jungle was amazing! We were worried about too much sun exposure for my little one… this zoo is plenty covered! The animals were spectacular as well as the train ride to see even more animals! I loved how a lot of the exhibits were overlooking the animals and their friendly habitats.

Trish MacDonald says:

5 stars for kids. Small zoo, but they have a very nice layout to utilize the space. Train ride and feeding giraffes was a highlight. And my husband and I still laugh when we remember the laughing cockatoo. Don’t bring babies or toddlers into the lorikeet feeding area. Reasonable prices for concessions.

Grace Thompson says:

Wonderful layout. The animals seem happy and the zoo actively seeks the well-being of the animals by changing the environment to keep them stimulated and challenged. The grounds are beautiful. Peaceful and enjoyable visit. Looking forward to going back.

Kimberlee Long says:

The animals are healthy and happy! The staff is friendly, there is lots to do and look at, and amazingly, lunch is pretty inexpensive! We really enjoyed going for my Mom’s birthday and got to feed a giraffe we suspected was pregnant -and we were right! We also got to see them switch the cheetahs (or leopards, I don’t remember now!) Between cages and feed them rats! Super cool, and glad to be in the right place at the right time! The kids play and pool area is a great way to treat the kids after a hot day walking in the Florida sun, too.

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