Get to know about Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral Florida


Port Canaveral is a cargo, cruise, and aquatic port in Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is one of the busy cruise ports in the world with 3.9 million cruise tourists passing through during 2014. Over 3,000,000 small tons of bulk cargo transfers through each year. Exploration Tower can found along the state of Florida’s east coast in the city of Port Canaveral. The site is an exceptional architectural landmark of the country, giving both education and entertainment for visitors of all ages. In addition to shows, Exploration Tower also gives unique facilities and spaces for special events In this article you can learn about Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral Florida.

Get to know about Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral Florida

Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral

One of the top destinations in Florida

Guests will discover seven different floors packed with interactive activities and displays within the Exploration Tower, providing fun and educational experiences for everyone. Visitors can access both the outdoor and indoor observation decks of the Exploration Tower, as well as a gift shop, almost 5,500 square feet of exciting exhibits, a cafe, an auditorium, and more. The staff at the Tower are committed continuously to giving visitors with an experience that they will never neglect.

Interactive Exploration

The mission of the Exploration Tower is to give visitors a memorable and fun experience. The interactive shows and galleries allow visitors to learn more about the environment and foundations of Port Canaveral in depth, as well as discover about the state of Florida in general. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the ports as they make their way through the Exploration Tower and its various exhibits. The Exploration Tower aims to inspire and instruct young minds through its appealing technology and science.

Watch nature come to Life

Guests can watch a different, interactive film on the Exploration Tower’s two-story screen in the interactive theater that can set seventy-two visitors. Guests will learn about Port Canaveral’s dynamic nature, as well as where it began and how the Port changed into what it is in the present day. Many exhibits enable visitors to explore and learn more about the area’s populations of early local peoples, the first settlers of the city from Europe, and Port Canaveral’s impressive history.

Hands-on learning

The Exploration Tower also highlights an interactive, large-scale map and table that lets guests investigate the environment and origins of Central Florida from several years ago up through modern day. Visitors can attempt their hand at being a pilot as they sail a boat to the cruise ships placed in Canaveral Harbor. Visitors will approach the cruise ship upon arrival, as well as learn all about what it’s like being a part of Port Canaveral’s aquatic lifestyle.

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Watch a rocket launch

The seventh level of the Exploration Tower gives picturesque views that have never been seen before of Port Canaveral and its cruise ships, as well as aspects of the Kennedy Space Center. The outdoor view deck on the Tower’s seventh level is the best spot to be for anyone wanting to watch one the Kennedy Space Center’s rocket launches. Seven levels up from the ground, the open promenade permits guests to view a rocket launch like no another area in Port Canaveral. Visitors can use the high-end telescopes give on the observation deck to get an astonishing uninhibited and up-close look of the rocket, both before and during the launch. Any astronomy and stargazing fans will enjoy the outdoor observation deck at night for the real pictures of the stars in town.

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