Get to know about things to do in Port Canaveral


Port Canaveral is the very famous port city in Florida state. This is the busiest port in World approx. millions of Passengers are passing throughout the year. Port Canaveral is also a naval, Cruise and cargo port. This port has the facility of large conveyors and hoppers for loading purpose. Port Canaveral is also the well-known destination for tourist.

Four best things to do in Port Canaveral

If you want to visit Port Canaveral in affordable manners this article will help you a lot.  There are some places without visiting these your tour to Port Canaveral will not complete.

 Get to know about things to do in Port Canaveral

Manatee Sanctuary Park

Are you the crazy fan of wildlife ?? In Florida state, there are many wildlife parks, one of the best wildlife parks is Manatee Sanctuary in Cape Canaveral. You can see the variety of birds specious, turtle, and Dolphin. This park is perfect picnic point for friends and family. Just relax there and enjoy Scenery.

Cocoa Beach

In Florida Cocoa Beach is the best spot for friends and family Vacation Port Canaveral. Their many activities to do like you can take the sunbath, kids can make the sand castle, and young can play volleyball.This is the best beach you got in Port Canaveral. There are a lot of hotels along the beach so you can enjoy beach view from your hotel room.


Geocaching is a wonderful place for adventurous peoples. You can play their hunting game by using GPS to find out hidden things name as geocaches. The thing you find is most likely to be toys and tickets. Geocaching is the best place to visit with kids and friends because anyone can get love with searching for treasure.

Foosaner Art Museum

Foosaner Art Museum is a state of the art museum in Melbourne near to Port Canaveral. There you can experience with historical moment of nationally or internationally recognize the artist. This museum occasionally holds free music concert which is usually held in parks so that families can enjoy. One the best museum in Melbourne worth visiting.

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