Port Canaveral TO Miami Transportation


A customer-friendly portal to major customer markets and also recreation locations. Strategically situated on the eastern coast of main Florida, Port Canaveral offer cruise lines, cargo lines as well as shippers, online business and visitors the abilities of a top-notch deepwater port with the benefits of an uncongested setup and also unwinded attitude. A big amount of people would like to travel to Miami specifically for Miami Beach when the ship docs a the port. Mostly people face difficulty on how to find the best ground transportation for Miami and/or Miami Beach! We are going to show you the most out of best you can get for a ground transportation service. Since there are many ways to travel to Miami, but below you would find the most easiest ways to travel to Miami from Port Canaveral using our services.

Port Canaveral Miami transportation availability:

Daily shared transportation

Travel with comfort from Port Canaveral TO Miami daily on our shared transportation.  You may travel with ease to Cocoa Beach, Melbourne,  Vero Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami at an affordable fare.

Click on: shared transportation from Port Canaveral to Miami

 Private transportation

With our private shuttle, you may have a liberty to select your desired time for pick up, pick up and drop off location as well. It is a door to door service at any time anywhere. Travel from Port Canaveral TO Miami straight shot through I-95 without having any stop during the way. Travel with your family and/or group hassle free with at most comfort at an affordable fare.

Click on: Private transfers from Orlando to Melbourne


The best route for a ground transportation from Port Canaveral to Miami

The best way or method of travel using our transportation service Port Canaveral Miami and of course, these routes itself can be used while traveling from Port Canaveral to Miami as well.  See below the possible best way:


While you travel and use the ground transportation service from Port Canaveral to Miami, the I-95 is one of the most commonly used track by all transportation providers. Though it would be a long way ride going all the way East Coast to Miami crossing by Melbourne, Vero Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, yet it would be a less expensive free of tolls.


Port Canaveral Miami transportation schedules and mileage

This type of information varies according to the transportation service provider. Although, most of Florida Transportation providers uses similar methods. But it all depends on the specified routes mostly Transportation service provider use according to their travel plan.  Below, you may find the most commonly used travel plans from Port Canaveral to Miami:

Port Canaveral to Miami travel plan:

Our first shuttle departs at around (07:15 AM) from Port Canaveral on its way to Miami. Also, there would be second departure as well at around (01:15 PM) .

Port Canaveral to Miami station locations:

Like every transportation provider we also have our own main station locations according to the city you are located.


Port Canaveral pick up station location:

There are 3 main locations for pick up according to your cruise port:

— Port Canaveral Cruise Port  (Royal Caribbean) —

— Port Canaveral Cruise Port (Carnival Cruise) —

— Port Canaveral Cruise Port (Disney Cruise) —


Miami drop off station location:

There are two main locations according to your requirement:

— Miami International Airport (Avianca Airlines Departures Level) Terminal J —

— 340 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 (Holiday Inn/Pt of Miami Entrance) —


You can get in contact with the Port Canaveral  to Miami transportation company here.

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