Read about four popular places to explore in Florida


There are many wonder places to explore in Florida for tourists and travelers from all around the world. Florida is also known as the hidden treasure of the of Florida. The town has retained some of its sense of individualism and isolation, somewhat detached from the rest of Florida. Tourist attractions o Key West include Ernest Hemingway’s former home, the Southernmost Point, the lighthouse and several drinking establishments. In this blog you will read about four popular places to explore in Florida, United States.

Popular places to explore in Florida

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Fort Lauderdale Beach:

Located on the Atlantic Coast, Fort Lauderdale is known as the “Venice of America” due to its expansive and intricate canal system. This city is most famous for its beaches and boats. Once a major spring break destination it is now a stylish and sophisticated city. Central along the beach strip is Fort Lauderdale Beach, with its crisp, new, wavy-walked promenade separating the beach from low-rise lodgings, restaurants and beach shops.

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Kennedy Space Center:

Kennedy Space Center has been the launch site for every US human space flight since 1968.and currently operates as a launch site for unmanned rockets. It is also one of Florida’s tourist attractions and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers museums, movies, a rocket garden and bus tours of important shuttle preparation and launch facility. Before a rocket launch, the Visitors Complex also sells “launch passes” but keep in mind that for safety reasons, the closest approach available is 4 miles away, and often much further.

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Walt Disney World:

Walt Disney World located in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando, is the flagship of Disney’s worldwide theme park Empire and the most popular tourist attraction i Florida. it is also by far, the world’s largest and most visited theme park resort. The centerpieces of Walt Disney World are four theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Some visitors describes it as a place of fun, magic and fantasy while the other complain of crowds, artifice and unrelenting tackiness.

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Key West:

Key West is known as the southernmost city in the continental United States and is located closer to Havana than to Miami. For many years, Key West was the largest town in Florida and it grew prosperous from the valuables and shipwrecks. Improved navigation led to fewer shipwrecks and Key West into a decline in the late 19th century. Although today Key West has been heavily restored and revitalized for the one million tourists that visit the island each year.

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