Some interesting facts to know about Cape Canaveral


Cape Canaveral is one of the most visited cities in the state of Florida because of the fact that it has America’s most popular and favored Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy Space Center is famous around the world and is called ”hub of nation’s human space program”. The most popular and favorite cruise port called Port Canaveral is also located in the city of Cape Canaveral. A large number of visitors and tourists from all the world comes to Florida every year and spend their vacations in Port Canaveral. Another beneficial point to remember about Port Canaveral is it is located about one-hour travel distance by road using interstate 95 from Orlando (the city beautiful). By visiting Port Canaveral you can add some more interesting fun on your vacation in Orlando which is a home of entertainment that includes: Disney World, Magic Kingdom, and different theme parks. In this article, you will read interesting facts to know about Cape Canaveral.

Facts to know about Cape Canaveral

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The City of Cape Canaveral

The city of Cape Canaveral is located in the mid of Jacksonville and Miami near the Space Coast of the state of Florida. It offers a number of charming beaches, the most famous cruise ship port (Port Canaveral), the Brevard Zoo, spectacular hotels, resorts, and unforgettable restaurants. The Canaveral National Seashore is also located near the space center with a large number of plants and bird species. You can enjoy at Exploration Tower or can spend a surfing day at white sandy beaches. Here you can rest in Royal Mansion Resort that will give you never-ending memory for the whole year. While staying in Royal Mansion, you can have the ideal landscaping and Oceanfront beach location. This is not it! you can also get down to Fishing Charters where you can enjoy with your family and even kids can have a lot of fun there. About 30-35 minutes drive is a Kennedy Space Center where you can meet live with Astronauts and even have lunch with them.

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The Port Canaveral

Approximately an hour distance from Orlando international airport is Port Canaveral. Travelers mostly like port Canaveral, visitors, and tourists because it has a variety of activities to offer and most importantly at the ease of access from Orlando. Many famous cruise ships such as Disney’s cruise ship, Carnival cruise ship, and Norwegian cruise ship sails out of Port Canaveral for various destinations on the southern and eastern sides as well to the famous Islands in the Bahamas. Although, Port Canaveral is mainly known for its cruising activities. However, there are other fun things that you can do here including spending and enjoying a relaxing day at Jetty Park Beach and Campground where you can enjoy fishing, surfing, marine mammals and even can have a picnic there. The Exploration Tower is also one of a kind like Burj Al Arab and is very famous among vacationers and locals coming to visit Florida during their vacation.

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