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When we are talking about dance clubs, Usually, Miami gets all of the appreciation in South Florida, but here is the thing West Palm Beach, and the nearby areas also have some great nightlife opportunities as well. Stay in at Off the Hookah and encounter the large party floor, beautiful environment, and upscale lounge spaces. Clematis Street in West Palm is a large venue that brings the hits and flashes the lightning till the early daylight times.  This place is excellent for groups looking to develop a hookah, and the many bars make managing a drink between dancing a wind. There is continuously something playing on here, from local DJ crowds to themed evenings. Roxy’s Rooftop Bar, we suggest never to overlook this place. The large dancing deck combined with the lounge areas and views of the city is unusual in West Palm Beach. The music here is often electronica and house, but some nights you can get blessed with throwback 90’s hip hop song. The clubs in West Palm Beach make it possible to go out like a VIP and have a great night. Here are some best dance clubs in West Palm Beach.

Get to know about the best dance clubs in West Palm Beach

Get to know about the best dance clubs in West Palm Beach

Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop is the innovative bar and nightclub in West Palm Beach Florida. Drawn from the Miami layer, improved, refurbed and fitted right on Clematis, Pawn Shop is the new gossip of the city. The appearance of the area has a tiny glass top bar where you can drink and buy pawn gadgets. It opens at five but is undoubtedly just a cover for the bumping night club that begins going off around 10 pm. The large backspace with sprawling roofs and brand new lighting/sound devices, a constant dance party with top DJs producing the best hits. A lot is running on Clematis, but don’t overlook to walk down towards the Intracoastal to hold on this masterpiece.

Off The Hookah West Palm Beach

By nightfall, Off-the-Hookah looks like a regular dinner establishment with the room of plush couches and velvet strings. Once the sun sets, it becomes a South Beach-esque nightclub. Just ahead of the line of dance eager people pausing on the bouncer, the approved smoke hookah and diddle in light chat. Ahead of them, lights flash and heads bang. Off-the-hookah lists top DJs to draw dance music into their institutions. Don’t presume to come in here and speak to people – come to drink and dance the night away. The later you get, the better, as the site doesn’t actually get packed until midnight.

Monarchy Nightclub

Monarchy Nightclub on Clematis Street West Palm Beach has a great dance floor between two bars. With several DJ’s mixing electronic music and dance house until 4 AM, the crowd here continues while the rest of the street drains out. It’s always worth holding out their social media pages to see when the best event is that week. Kettle One Vodka entertains a lot of the events, shifting their bottles on clients.

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