The Best 5 Places to Visit Port Canaveral Florida


Whether you have an hour to spare before your check-in or a few extra days before or after your cruise, there are many ways to enjoy yourself. You may be surprised at the options right here at the Port. Port Canaveral Florida. Here we can show you 5 basic spots that makes a reason for you to visit Port Canaveral Florida.

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5 Basic spots to visit in Port Canaveral Florida

Jetty Park Amenities

Jetty Park is a very popular recreational park to visit in Port Canaveral Florida. In addition to a fishing pier and campground, it has a recently renovated and expanded building on the boardwalk houses an air-conditioned refreshment center and bait and tackle shop. There is also a big playground. Jetty Park is one of the most popular recreation spots in Brevard County. One of this park’s best-loved features is the 1,200 foot Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier – open 24 hours, paved, lighted, equipped with fish-cleaning tables with running water and fully accessible to the physically challenged.


The beaches to visit in Port Canaveral Florida can be considered a hidden treasure of the Space Coast, since many people use the beaches of Cocoa Beach, the next city south. The key to this hidden treasure? The locals work, on their own time, to maintain its beauty, especially the dunes. We love to see you enjoying the beauty the teamwork of the city, the locals, and Mother Nature has worked SO HARD to maintain and preserve. These dunes are not only beautiful treasures-they keep the hoses near the beach safer from hurricanes, prevent beach erosion, shelter wildlife nests, and are home to many species of plants and animals.

Enjoy the pool

Pool on the Sovereign of the Seas was small but very nice. One section was for kids and the other was for over 18 guests. There were two Jacuzzis at withe end of the pool. The pool during the day is pretty packed so make sure to reserve a chair early by putting your beach bag and towels on one. At night its leases crowded, and that’s when you like to go. There is also less of a chance of bad sunburn when the sun is down. Enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi in Port Canaveral Florida especially and at night almost feel like you are alone.

Country Inns & Suites

Country Inn & Suites in Port Canaveral Florida is the largest hotel  we’ve stayed in. The hotel is nice, staff very friendly, rooms clean. The room has a bigger than average mini fridge. The pool area looked nice. They seemed to be well organized for cruise travelers. Breakfast is the typical fair. Oatmeal always seems to run out and never replenished in any of the CI&S you would stay at. But, other items were. Utensils were plastic, but sturdy. Even though the morning was busy with numerous travelers getting ready to depart for the cruise, they seemed to handle it well.

THE place to take pictures

The best place to see and take pictures in Port Canaveral Florida is the VAB, Crawlerway, Shuttle launch pads, the general area around the pads and (at least while we were there) a crawler / transporter is the Observation Tower. The Tower is located close to the center of activity of the Spaceport. You can see so much from here. There are also food, restroom and other facilities and activities here.

These are the most visited places in Port Canaveral Florida. Though throughout Florida is a must watch show, still there are few places must not to miss them ti visit. Good day!


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