The best 5 spots to discover in Port Canaveral during a friend or family vacation


Port Canaveral is the busiest port located in Florida.  If you want to travel to Bahamas, the Caribbean or Mexico’s Gulf resorts then this port area will be an ideal location for the departure. Tourist and travelers will find this port as the best option to start a new adventure in Florida and this amazing city attracts millions of tourists and travelers from all around the world. In any other  traditional cruise port, you may spend  a couple of hours but after a couple of hours you will get bored. But Port Canaveral is a totally different place. It is full of all those places which a tourist dream to explore on any vacation. In this article you will read about the best 5 spots to discover in Port Canaveral during a friend or family vacation.

The best 5 places to explore in Port Canaveral

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is a biggest attraction near Cape Canaveral and is located in the east coast of the state of Florida. Its current name was being  followed by the death of President John F. Kennedy, who commenced the lunar program. Visitors coming from all over the world every year can enjoy the facilities, participate in simulators and even enjoy their meal with an astronaut. The Astronaut Hall of Fame situated right into the Space Coast of Florida also houses the largest collection of astronaut memorabilia in the world.

Jetty Park

Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral makes it more memorable while on a vacation with kids. This beautiful little park offers camping, rental cabins, bike paths, on-site concessions and a playground, along with the main attraction, a beach where you can watch the cruise ships. There’s much more that you can have fun with your kids here in this beautiful park.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Dolphins are the smartest creatures in the Ocean. It is dream of every child to observe these mammals closely.Cape Canaveral  offers a chance to turn a dream into reality. Dolphins and whales pass through here in migratory season from very close to this area. Do not miss this chance if you are in Port Canaveral.

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Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is the neighbor city of Port Canaveral which is famous for its most beautiful beaches. If you are in Cape Canaveral and you are not visiting Cocoa Beach then you are not following the term of justice if you are a tourist. Cocoa Beach offers the most beautiful Beach ares to all of the tourists and travelers. In other words it is a must see place. Deep Sea Fishing, beaches, Boating, Paddling, Surfing, Motor Boat Racing and swimming are some of those things which are recommended to all visitors.

Exploration Tower

With its name ”Exploration Tower” there is a real fun and excitement that one can find all at one stop.  The Exploration Tower features an observation deck perfect for viewing rocket launches and many exciting exhibits as well. A day spent at this amazing place will be a great memory that will for sure force you to visit it again.

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