Three best place to explore in Cape Canaveral Florida


Cape Canaveral is a small city which is located in Brevard County, Florida. Population is merely over 11,000 but this city has become the favorite place for tourist and travelers from all around the world. Port Canaveral is the busies port of Florida. This port is a gate way to all of the foreigners, tourists and visitors. Kennedy Space Center just around the corner. Famous theme parks of Orlando are only one hour drive from this city. Mesmerizing city of Cococa is also in the neighbor hood. If you love to fish, swim, surf, motor boating or paragliding then this the right place for you to visit. If you love sea food and you wish to taste different recipes then this is the place which you must visit on you trips. In this blog you will learn about three best place to explore in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Best place to explore in Cape Canaveral

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Vehicle Assembly Building:

The Vehicle Assembly Building which is commonly known as VAB, is the largest single story building in the world. This is the place where a journey to space transforms into reality. It is a common knowledge that this city was built for the scientist and engineers who worked at the space center but with the passage of time this place has turned into a spot for tourists and traveler. We can also assume that every resident of this place is a certified genius. This is the place where you can find the most advance technology and brilliant minds together in one place.

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Cherie Down Park:

The Cherie Down Park  is a 6.99-acre community beach park in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Fountains, benches, family picnic shelter, 2 grills, 2 dune crossovers and 2 sheltered picnic areas make this place one of a kind facility to visit on you trips. It is also an idea camping ground and to learn paddle boating, swimming and many other fun arts.

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Manatee Sanctuary Park:

The Manatee Sanctuary Park is located at Banana River in Cape Canaveral. Border of this place provides natural protection to Manatee habitat. If you are in Cape Canaveral and you are looking for a place to go with your whole family then this is the right place. You will not find any place better for family recreation and and fun. Picnic Tables & Grills at the river side make the vacation double fun. If you are looking for the best place to explore in Cape Canaveral, Florida then be aware that this is the place which allures all the visitors and travelers.

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