What to do on a vacation at Kennedy Space Center


On a vacation to Florida, especially when having fun in Orlando or going on  cruise ship at Port Canaveral, The Kennedy Space Center attracts the visitors towards itself for it’s uniqueness and that is the only reason it is one of a kind. It is the only working space area in the United States. It is not only a place for NASA, but also a one stop shop for visitors offering different rides inside and also a movie to rocket launches as well as Astronaut Hall of Popularity. Here in this article you will read everything about what to do on a vacation at Kennedy Space Center for visitors coming to Florida from around the world.

Things to do at Kennedy Space Center

Cape Canaveral Florida was selected to be a prime area for space center. The center is not only assigned for a shuttle launch, but also is open around the year to welcome visitors coming on a vacation at Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center’s visitors Complex is a major tourist destination along the stretch of Florida called the Space Coast. Anyone can enjoy here as the center also offers tourist attractions for guests of any ages. The whole household can delight in the films displayed in the IMAX Cinema in the Visitor complex. The United States Astronaut Hall of Fame is also located on site. Here visitors can find and discover a great collection of Space historical events. Not only this, but here visitors can also enjoy simulator trips along with a G-Force guide. The Lunch with an Astronaut experience is a chance for participants to eat with such well-known astronauts as John Glenn, Jon McBride and Jim Lovell.

In order to travel in or around the Kennedy Space Center/ Port Canaveral/ Cocoa Beach or Orlando by means of ground transportation, by clicking on the image below could be a best fit to your needs:

In addition to all above said, at Kennedy Space Center special events take place with a certain routine. The center is perfectly an ideal location for visitors who comes on a vacation at Kennedy Space Center and also wanting to see a shuttle/rocket launch at a close distance. Astronauts also can visit the Space Center frequently for classes. If you have the chance to visit the Center personally and anyone of you who has an interest in preceding expedition, the center’s gift shop is a must see. You could also purchase genuine autographed books. Kennedy Room Center operates an on-line store also.

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